Jim Finkel

Nonresident Fellow

Protecting Civilians in Conflict

Jim Finkel is a Nonresident Fellow with the Protecting Civilians in Conflict program, and the co-founder of the Atrocities Prevention Study Group. Finkel ended his 35-year career as a member of the senior civil service in May 2013. During the final 20 years of his service, he held positions that provided him an insider’s eye view of the evolution of U.S. policy toward the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities. Finkel assisted in crafting Presidential Study Directive 10 (PSD 10), which created the Interagency Atrocities Prevention Board, and frequently attended meetings throughout the first year of the Board’s activities. He also served as the Center for the Prevention of Genocide’s Leonard and Sophie Davis Genocide Prevention Fellow from 2013-2014. Finkel holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers College, Rutgers University.


Sharing knowledge and resources to strengthen policymakers’ and practitioners’ commitment and capacity to prevent atrocities around the world.

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