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Sameer Lalwani cited in article about the possibility of a nuclear element to the decades long India-Pakistan struggle over Kashmir

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The Indian government this week moved toward revoking special status for a contested region, Kashmir, that makes up the country’s only Muslim-majority state. 

The decision to revoke the constitutional provision that previously gave the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir some degree of autonomy has raised concerns about fanning the flames of a violent conflict that has been ongoing for decades.

Those fears were substantiated when the Indian government moved troops into the region and cut off internet access , The Washington Post reported. That move not only sparked outrage from Pakistan, the Muslim-majority nation that shares control over the region, but led the country to downgrade its trade relationship with India and expel the country’s top diplomat in Islamabad in retaliation.

What might happen if the highly contested region loses its special status? Here’s what we know:

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