Rajesh Rajagopalan Reviews “Investigating Crises”

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Rajesh Rajagopalan, Professor in International Politics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, reviewed Stimson’s edited volume, Investigating Crises: South Asian’s Lessons, Evolving Dynamics, and Trajectoriesin the September 2018 edition of The Book Review.

Two decades after India and Pakistan went nuclear, there is continuing fear that the unending troubles between the two countries will lead to another crisis, which could potentially escalate to the nuclear level. As Sameer Lalwani notes in his introduction to this edited volume, current trends in the relations between the two countries ‘suggest a need for more concern than at any time since the 2008 Mumbai attack about renewed crisis onset, escalation, and instability between India and Pakistan.’ But as he also notes, Indian and Pakistani leaders ‘genuinely do not want war’ and this volume is designed to bring together the lessons of the past crises to help them avoid such an outcome. Considering the enormous quantity of work already on this subject, yet another book might appear unnecessary, but the editors have managed to bring together a set of contributions that in many cases present interesting findings and arguments that is well worth contemplating.

Read the full review here. 

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