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By Brian Finlay

Rare. Uncommon. Extraordinary. When I think of the achievements of Stimson’s team, these are the words that come to mind. But they are more than words; they define the very character of our work. In this era of unpredicted division and conflict, Stimson is a force for positive change in the world — a team of superheroes that envision a world in which the historical tendencies toward injustice, criminality, greed, and violence are defeated by the positive forces of peace and prosperity. 

We know that you too share Stimson’s vision for a more prosperous and peaceful world, and as 2016 draws to a close, I invite you to express your commitment as a global changemaker by partnering with Stimson through your financial support. Without your contributions, the rare, uncommon, and extraordinary work of Stimson is not possible. Click below to learn more about Stimson’s remarkable team of superheroes:

Brian Finlay is President and CEO of the Stimson Center.

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