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From Sailing Races to Securing Supply Chains from Illegal Fishing

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It all started when someone sank the professor’s boat. Somewhere between 1999 and 2000, thieves broke into his unattended vessel that was left at port during the winter, made off with the engine and scuttled the ship to the bottom of the harbor. The frustrated professor was left wondering how he could protect his vessel from thieves in the future, particularly when the marina was hours away from his house and the vessel would be stationed there for months at a time. Thus the idea of a remote vessel monitoring product came to light.
While the case of who sank the professor’s boat has run cold, the technology that developed out of this incident has not. C-Pod, a remote vessel monitoring device produced by C Security Systems, emerged in a heroic attempt to deter bad guys and protect boats, acting as an alarm system that allows boat owners to keep an eye on their boats remotely.
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