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As Obama Dedicates World’s Largest Marine Park, Stimson Leads Efforts to Secure Oceans

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President Obama traveled to Hawaii today to mark the expansion of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument as the largest ecologically protected area on earth. The moment is significant. The continued pillage of the seas’ resources represents no less than a threat to vital U.S. — and global — economic and security interests. Stimson’s recent report, Secure Oceans: Collaborative Policy and Technology Recommendations for the World’s Largest Crime Scene, examines the growing body of evidence suggesting that oceans are the world’s largest crime scene. Rampant illegal fishing alone is estimated to represent 20 percent of all catch worldwide and a yearly dollar value upwards of $23 billion.

Led by Director of the Partnerships in Security and Development program Johan Bergenas, Stimson has a long track record of identifying policy and capacity building solutions for issues that have serious implications for our environment, global economic development, the U.S. and global security.

On September 13, in partnership with National Geographic, Stimson will launch a new tool — Secure Oceans. Secure Oceans will serve as a matchmaking hub that helps countries find new technology recourses — such as drones and ‘smart’ buoys — to better guard against threats from illegal fishing and safeguard marine protected areas. Learn more about the project here.

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Photo credit: Forrest and Kim Starr via Flickr
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