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Geneive Abdo Quoted In The Daily Beast On Iran

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The White House seems to think a nuke deal with Iran will change everything. Let’s hope they’re trying to fool us, and not themselves.

Genieve Abdo of the Stimson Center (and Brookings) agrees. “They want the sanctions lifted, and they want a nuclear deal,” she says. “And that’s it.” She told me that she has been present at conferences around the world where President Hassan Rouhani’s representatives, and/or staffers from Iran’s foreign ministry, have sat there singing to American and other Western officials a tune about what great changes a deal would bring to Iran. But, she contends: “Rouhani was allowed to win the election because he was tasked with getting the sanctions lifted and getting a nuclear deal. But he has no power beyond that.” Iran’s regional meddling, she notes, is run by the Revolutionary Guards Council, and Rouhani has nothing to do with it.


To read the full article, click here.
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