Teresa Heinz’s Remarks For The Stimson Center’s 25th Anniversary

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Teresa Heinz, Chairman, The Heinz Endowments
On the Occassion of Stimson’s 25th Anniversary and in Tribute to Senator Timothy E. Wirth: 

Meaningful and positive change is invariably the result of a series of small yet courageous steps by those among us who dare to translate ideals into action. This rare blend of vision and courage lies at the heart of the Stimson Center and its philosophy of “pragmatic idealism,” whose outstanding practitioners we honor tonight.

Stimson has a proud legacy of addressing global issues that are the most difficult and challenging, which makes the Center’s 25th anniversary a very special cause for celebration. Although I am unable to be with you this evening, I am honored to add my heartfelt congratulations to all of you who advance Stimson’s inspirational and compassionate ethos and to the pragmatic idealists you honor tonight: Madame Sadako Ogata, Dr. Ash Carter, and most especially my dear friend Senator Tim Wirth.

Some friendships run so deep and have such history that they transcend easy explanation. I have known Tim as a colleague to my late husband John, as a dear friend, as a fellow traveler, and in a very real sense as a brother. He has the capacity to see the world in bold colors and broad strokes, but also the conviction and skill to turn that vision into policy, practice and action. He so deserves this honor, and it is a joy to offer him my deepest congratulations and thanks for all that he has done and still does.

The world can sometimes seem so short of inspiration, but we need look no further than tonight’s honorees to feel hope for the future.  As long as we have people like them, beacons in the night, we cannot lose our way, no matter how challenging the times nor dark the path. 

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