Kofi A. Annan’s Remarks For The Stimson Center’s 25th Anniversary

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Kofi A. Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations – 
On the Occasion of Stimson’s 25th Anniversary and in Tribute to Madame Sadako Ogata and Senator Timothy E. Wirth: 

Let me convey my sincere congratulations to the Stimson Center on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, their innovative and pragmatic approach to peace-building has helped make ours a more peaceful and secure global community. I am sure the Center will continue as a source of knowledge and learning, and as an informed contributor to the debate on global security.

I commend the Stimson Center’s decision to mark this occasion by recognizing two close friends, Sadako Ogata and Tim Wirth, with whom I have worked on many issues over the years.

Sadako’s many high level appointments testify to her outstanding reputation as a humanitarian leader and tireless advocate for the dispossessed and the deprived. Her stellar work at UNHCR and UNICEF reflects her commitment to protecting the rights of the most vulnerable members of our global society. Her efforts have provided relief and security to countless men, women, and children all around the world.

As a leader in U.S. Foreign policy, an unflinching proponent of multilateralism, and a long-time friend of the United Nations, Tim has been a dependable and welcome voice on the challenge of global governance. In particular, his advocacy on the impact of climate change and efforts to move humanity to a more sustainable path, reveal an understanding that our responsibility as leaders today extends not only to our constituents, but to our children, and future generations.

The global perspective and long-term vision of both Sadako and Tim have benefitted and enlightened all who worked with them, and strengthened the institutions in which they held office. So let me convey once again my congratulations to Sadako, Tim and the Stimson Center on this auspicious occasion and extend to you my best wishes for an enjoyable and well-earned celebration. 

Photo credit: World Economic Forum via wikimedia

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