Stimson Experts Analyzing Syrian Civil War

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Stimson Center experts have been sharing their insights and analysis about the civil war in Syria with policymakers and the public since the conflict began more than two years ago. Here are some recent examples of Stimson commentaries published in newspapers and on websites, congressional testimony and media interviews.


Reuters:  A potential turning point for Syria – by Mona Yacoubian (Sept. 11).

Aljazeera: What an attack on Syria will mean for US-Iran relations – by Geneive Abdo (Sept. 10).

Stimson: Syria’s Chemical Weapons and Terrorists – by Brian Finlay (Sept. 10).

International Business Times: Poisonous Choices In Syria: The Real Issue Is Iran’s Nuclear Program – by Michael Krepon (Sept. 9).

Stimson: Who is Going to Pay for a Military Intervention in Syria? – by Alison Giffen (Sept. 5).

Foreign Policy: Intervention on the Cheap – by Gordon Adams (Sept. 3).

New York Times: A Catch-22 With Russia – by Mona Yacoubian (Aug. 26).

National Interest: A Plan for Syria – by Stimson Board Chairman Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr. (Aug. 21).

Congressional Testimony

The Security Situation in Syria: Implications for U.S. National Security and Policy Options – Mona Yacoubian (includes video) (July 17).

Selected media coverage

C-SPAN Washington Journal: Gordon Adams on U.S. Intervention in Syria – (Sept. 1).

Today’s Zaman (Turkey): ‘Kidnapping of Turkish pilots shows Syrian conflict’s expansion’ – Geneive Abdo interviewed (Aug. 18).

The Voice of Russia: Syria and Iran Cementing Long-term Economic Ties via Oil – Mona Yacoubian interviewed (Aug. 2) (Audio).


Photo by Adolfo Lujan via flickr


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