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Pursuing security and development objectives in an integrated manner is a concept that has gained considerable attention among politicians and policymakers worldwide. Yet, there remains a deep divide between developing and developed countries. Wealthier countries focus the lion’s share of their attention and resources on “hard security” issues, including global terrorism and weapons of mass destruction proliferation. Poorer states are more concerned with economic development and “softer security” challenges that threaten prosperity, such as crime, illicit trafficking and disease. MAB identifies solutions in order to build capacity at the intersection of security and development and focuses on best practices emerging from South-South capacity building.

Some highlights of this work:

Bridging the Divide Between Security & Development

Beyond Boundaries in Eastern Africa: Bridging the Security/Development Divide with International Security Assistance

Proliferation Prevention: Bridging the Security/Development Divide in the Global South

A Hybrid Framework for a Hybrid World

Combatting the Undercurrents of Globalization in the Developing World: The Next Frontier for the High Technology Industry 


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