North Korea: Challenge for the US-Japan Alliance

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North Korea continues to pose security and diplomatic challenges, affecting Northeast Asia most of all. For the United States and Japan, managing differences over appropriate policy toward Pyongyang has been one of the diplomatic challenges between the two countries. As the Six-Party Talks participants continue to work toward resuming the Talks, forging and maintaining a coherent approach toward North Korea will be important for both Washington and Tokyo.

North Korea: A Challenge for the US-Japan Alliance seeks to examine the challenges North Korea creates for US-Japan relations, particularly its alliance relationship, from US, Japanese, and other regional perspectives.

Advised by Stimson’s East Asia Program Director and Distinguished Fellow Alan D. Romberg and Professor Yoshihide Soeya of Keio University, seven experts on Northeast Asian security issues contribute to this work: L. Gordon Flake (The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation), Katsuhisa Furukawa (Japan Science and Technology Agency), Balbina Hwang (Georgetown University), Yasuhiro Izumikawa (Chuo University), John S. Park (The United States Institute of Peace), Ryo Sahashi (University of Tokyo), and Scott Snyder (Center for US-Korea Policy, The Asia Foundation). The project is coordinated by Yuki Tatsumi, Senior Associate at Stimson’s East Asia Program.  The contribution by the seven experts will be edited into a book, which is expected to be published in March 2011.


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