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Please click here to read the complete report, Engagement, Coercion, and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge. This publication is the culmination of a joint study group, led by Stimson and USIP.

For media queries, please contact April Umminger at [email protected].

Check out the video from the launch of Engagement, Coercion, and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge below.


On the rest of this page you will find a selection of recent books, videos, and analysis done by Stimson experts on global nuclear issues. Please contact [email protected] for additional information.



  Barry Blechman          Brian Finlay            Ellen Laipson

Books and Reports

In Reading Iran, Ellen Laipson examines the history of US engagements with Iran to illustrate the threats and dangers, as well as changing conditions that impact US-Iran relations.  Reading Iran is a chapter in the “The Iran Primer,” a joint product of the US Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Program: Southwest Asia/Gulf, Author: Ellen Laipson


In Chapter Five of National Perspectives on Nuclear Disarmament, edited by Barry Blechman, author Anoush Ehteshami examines Iran’s disposition and flexibility to various nuclear disarmament scenarios.

Program: Unblocking the Road to Zero, Author: Anoush Eteshami


The Changing Political Utility of Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear Threats from 1970-2010, examines the evolution of nuclear weapons during the transition from the Cold War to the 21st century.

Program: South Asia, Author: Samuel Black



Nuclear Dangers, Nuclear Realities examines the convergence of renewed global interest in nuclear energy (specifically in the Middle East) with international efforts to free the world of nuclear weapons and to prevent the spread of nuclear materials and technology.

Programs: Southwest Asia, Unblocking the Road to Zero, and Managing Cross Boundaries

In this regional report, Brian Finlay, Johan Bergenas, and Veronica Tessler propose an innovative, “whole-of-society” approach to bridging the security/development divide in the Middle East that would leverage donor investments in both security assistance and development assistance, so as to ensure recipient state buy-in and an enduring return on investment.

Program: Managing Cross Boundaries, Author: Brian Finlay 

Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty is a comprehensive analysis of the technical measures required to achieve and sustain a world without nuclear weapons. Topics in this far-sighted volume include the verified destruction of nuclear weapons, the safeguarding of dangerous nuclear materials, and the governance and enforcement of a nuclear-free world.

Program: Unblocking the Road to Zero, Author: Barry Blechman 




Dr. Barry Blechman and Daniel Brumberg discuss recalibrating US Iran policy in light of the possible resumption of talks. Appeared in USA Today, November 7, 2010. Program: Unblocking the Road to Zero

Johan Bergenas analyzes The European Union’s Engagement with Iran in November’s Nonproliferation Review (by subscription only). Program: Managing Cross Boundaries 

Dr. Barry Blechman and Alex Bollfrass provide the Viewpoint on Zero Nuclear Weapons: The Pragmatic Path to Security in November’s Nonproliferation Review (by subscription only).

Johan Bergenas, examines the evidence that a nuclear domino effect is widely predicted to follow an Iranian nuclear program in The Nuclear Domino Myth: Dismantling Worst-Case Proliferation Scenariosappearing on 



Ellen Laipson joins Robert Kaplan, Joe Cirincione, and Ambassador Richard Butler on Al Jazeera’s Empire to discuss the new arms race.






During the Stimson Center’s October Chairman’s Forum, General Michael V. Hayden discussed a variety of intelligence issues, including Iran’s nuclear ambitions.



 During the Stimson Center’s September Chairman’s Forum, Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman discussed Iran’s attempts to develop a nuclear program.





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