National Perspectives on Nuclear Disarmament

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National Perspectives on Nuclear Disarmament compiles Unblocking the Road to Zero’s previous country monographs into a single, accessible volume.  Renowned experts discuss the views of key countries on nuclear disarmament, both those with weapons and those without.  Each chapter seeks to explore a country’s disposition, and examines the feasibility of a variety of nuclear disarmament scenarios.

National Perspectives on Nuclear Disarmament is the companion volume to Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty.

Barry Blechman and Alexander Bollfrass

Chapter 1 – Brazil
Marcos C. de Azambuja

Chapter 2 – China
Pan Zhenqiang

Chapter 3 – France
Bruno Tertrais

Chapter 4 – India
Rajesh M. Basrur

Chapter 5 – Iran
Anoush Ehteshami

Chapter 6 – Israel
Shlomo Brom

Chapter 7 – Japan
Matake Kamiya

Chapter 8 – North Korea
Leon V. Sigal and Joel Wit

Chapter 9 – Pakistan
Feroz Hassan Khan

Chapter 10 – Russia
Dmitri Trenin

Chapter 11 – Turkey
Henri J. Barkey

Chapter 12 – United Kingdom
Sir Lawrence Freedman

Chapter 13 – United States
Barry Blechman, Alexander Bollfrass, and Frank Valliere

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