North Korea’s Wi-Fi Story: The Mirae is Today

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Korean Central Television recently broadcast a couple of reports about a new outdoor wireless data service in Pyongyang. The service is apparently based on Wi-Fi but unusually requires a SIM card for access.

It’s called “Mirae,” which means “future,” and is up and running in central Pyongyang, according to the reports. It’s the first time an outdoor Wi-Fi service has been mentioned in North Korean media and runs alongside two cellular networks operating in the country that provide wireless data service.

Both the Wi-Fi and cellular services offer citizens access to North Korea’s nationwide intranet and not the global Internet.

The first of the two broadcasts was on October 21, 2018, and focused on a new tablet PC called the Daeyang 8321 (대양8321). One of the features that makes it popular, according to the report, is its ability to access a data network set up on Ryomyong Street in the capital city.

The tablet PC was supposedly developed by the Mankyungdae Martime Technology Exchange Center (중구해양기술교류사), which is part of the Central Science Technology Supply Agency (중앙과학기술보급국).

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