Cindy Vestergaard Joins Stimson as Nonresident Fellow

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The Stimson Center announced today that Cindy Vestergaard has been appointed as a Nonresident Fellow for the Managing Across Boundaries initiative.

“Cindy is an emerging rock star in the nonproliferation industry,” said Stimson Vice President and Managing Across Boundaries initiative Director Brian Finlay. “Her experiences in government, academia, and in the think tank community have given her a well-rounded perspective on current WMD threats. She knows how to find solutions to complex global challenges and will be a great addition to Stimson’s innovative, growing team. ”Vestergaard’s current research focuses on the global governance of natural uranium across fifteen states, including major uranium suppliers (Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan) and the debates surrounding potential emerging suppliers (such as Greenland and Tanzania) and consumers (i.e. India). Her research also includes chemical weapons disarmament, biosecurity and import/export controls. Vestergaard currently serves as a Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). Previous to joining DIIS in 2007, Vestergaard worked on non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament policy and programming at Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Positions, among others, included Senior Policy Advisor, Global Partnership Program; Senior Policy Advisor, Foreign Intelligence Division; and Political Officer at Canada’s Mission to Hungary and Slovenia. Vestergaard is a regular contributor to media outlets and lectures nationally and internationally on weapons of mass destruction, proliferation and disarmament issues. 

“It’s an honor to join the Managing Across Boundaries team,” said Cindy Vestergaard. “Their pioneering efforts to engage the spectrum of private-public actors are strengthening national and corporate policy responses to the complexity of global proliferation risks. I look forward to working alongside the team in building the next generation of WMD non-proliferation programming.” 

The Stimson Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution devoted to enhancing international peace and security through a unique combination of rigorous analysis and outreach. Founded in 1989, Stimson is celebrating a quarter-century of building effective security solutions through pragmatic research and innovative analysis.

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