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Secretary Clinton Announces Stimson’s Anti-Poaching Commitment

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Last night at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting, Secretary Hillary Clinton revealed a number of new Commitments to Action. Included in the Commitments to Action is a project out of the Managing Across Boundaries Initiative (MAB) focusing on bridging the security and development divide in emerging economies and bringing together a consortium of public and private sector actors. As such, it is a perfect manifestation of the overarching goals of MAB. You can read more about our CGI Commitment to Action here and about our broader Environmental Crime program here. Project partners for the commitment include Linköping University, IHUB, African Wildlife Foundation, Dinbar Associates, and SAAB Technologies.

“These are very important NGOs who are working on the front lines, working with the leaders and others whom you see before you. We’re so grateful to each and every one of these commitment makers. Please recognize the importance of their mission and their dedication to being successful on behalf of the African elephant,” said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressing those attending the meeting.

View the event here.

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