Celebrating Sally Lilienthal

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Analysts, advocates, policymakers and friends from the peace and security community gather this week to pay tribute to the life and achievements of Sally Lilienthal. Visionary and tenacious, Sally created the Ploughshares Fund to eliminate the threat posed by nuclear weapons and build a safer, more peaceful world. She recognized the power of people working together for change and the importance of providing tangible support for those working to identify and implement solutions.

From the earliest days of the Stimson Center, Sally and the Ploughshares Fund have been generous and steadfast partners. Feisty, results-oriented and willing to take risks, Ploughshares was a natural ally for a new organization focused on “pragmatic steps toward ideal objectives.” All of us at Stimson are honored by the confidence and support given to us by Sally and the Ploughshares Fund. In celebrating her life, we are inspired by her example, challenged by her legacy, and committed to continuing to work for a more just and peaceful world.

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