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Clint Work is a Fellow with the Stimson Center’s 38 North Program. Prior to joining Stimson, he was an assistant professor at the University of Utah’s Asia Campus in South Korea and the regular foreign policy writer for The Diplomat Magazine’s Koreas page. He holds a Doctorate in International Studies from the University of Washington and a Master’s in International Relations from the University of Chicago, and his work focuses on the Korean Peninsula, U.S.-Korean relations, East Asia, and U.S. foreign policy. At Stimson, Clint has organized and led Congressional engagement on Korean peace and security issues, including a Senate-focused Korea Study Group. He has also worked with a broad range of universities and state and local organizations throughout the country to foster public engagement on U.S.-Korea relations. He is currently engaged in research on the history and evolution of the U.S. force presence onthe Korean Peninsula and U.S.-ROK alliance transformation in the post-Cold War era. In addition to his academic publications, he has written extensively for popular media, including the Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The Diplomat Magazine, The National Interest, 38 North, and Sino-NK, and regularly provides commentary to U.S. and foreign media outlets.


Increasing Congressional engagement and leadership on foreign affairs and defense issues

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Policy Paper
Empowering Congress on the Korean Peninsula

The Korea Study Group aimed to empower Congress and build a dialogue on security challenges on and around the Korean Peninsula

The US-South Korea Alliance and the China Factor

This article was originally published in the Diplomat

Book Review: Top-Down Democracy in South Korea by Erik Mobrand

This review was originally published in the Journal of American-East Asian Relations.

Cost-Sharing in Comparative Perspective: The US-ROK & US-Japan Alliances

A discussion on cost-sharing dynamics in the US-ROK and US-Japan alliance, Seoul-Tokyo relations, China’s rise, and US political transition.

Why America Needs to Conclude Alliance Cost Talks With South Korea Now

Originally published in the National Interest.

US-Korea Alliance Diplomacy in the Shadow of COVID-19

Originally published in The Diplomat.

Beyond North Korea: Fractures in the US-South Korea Alliance

Originally published in The Diplomat

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