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News Roundup for March 19

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REUTERS: No sign of imminent North Korea missile launch: South Korea defence chief [by Hyonhee Shin and Josh Smith] – 38 North mentioned – March 18

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: From Kyoto to Kansas City, it’s Indonesian tuna on the on the world’s sushi counters [by Meaghan Tobin] – Amanda Shaver quoted –  March 19


THE NATIONAL INTEREST: Los Angeles, Destroyed: 378,000 People Would Die if North Korea Nuked LA [by Daniel R. DePetris] – 38 North mentioned – March 18 (originally published in 2017)

THE DIPLOMAT: What Message Does the Latest India-Pakistan Crisis Send to Militants in Kashmir? [by Basharat Ali] – South Asian Voices mentioned – March 19 (opinion)

MARK MAYNARD (BLOG): Asked, “do you consider white supremacy as a threat?”, Donald Trump responds, “I don’t, really.” [by Mark Maynard] – Stimson Center report cited – March 17

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