Regional Voices

Identifying global threats or challenges by gathering information from regional experts
This Project has been Archived and is no longer updated.
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The project develops knowledge and analysis from the perspectives of technical and subject matter experts, and political and strategic analysts. The program understands transnational challenges as threats or challenges which transcend national borders, and those which are national in scope but recur in many societies in any region around the world. These include pandemics, deforestation, climate change, social conflict, migration, fisheries, water shortages and shared use of water tables or river systems.

The regions that Regional Voices has worked in are those in which US policy has taken a high degree of interest in recent years. They are also those in which US intentions are viewed with perhaps the highest degree of skepticism and distrust. These regions are also a substantial portion of the realm of Islam. Muslims either constitute the majority in the region (the Middle East), or majorities of major nations (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia), or substantial and important minorities in non-Muslim nations (India, Sri Lanka). The high degree of US interest in the realm of Islam stems from the perceived origin that terrorism is directed against the West.

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