Chemical Security Risk Reduction

Facilitating Standards and Assessing National Chemical Security Legal Frameworks
Preventing the proliferation of dangerous and dual use chemicals with research, resources, and analysis
Project Info

Preventing the use of chemical weapons remains an enduring and real challenge to international peace and security. This project seeks to enhance compliance with international obligations to secure chemical weapons-related materials and facilities by identifying how Member States approach implementation through national chemical security legal frameworks and by promoting the development of best practices in the field.


This index serves as a tool for stakeholders to find real, open source examples of laws and regulations on chemical security. These legal texts can be used to help governments determine practical approaches to enhance their national chemical security practices. The Stimson Center seeks to help increase the relatively low levels of implementation of national measures to secure chemical weapons related materials in support of the objectives of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the obligations of UNSCR 1540.

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