Mary Vecellio

Research Associate

Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention

Mary Vecellio is a Research Associate with the Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program at the Stimson Center. Her research focuses on WMD non-proliferation with specific focus on radiological source security, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 assistance programs, and chemical weapons-related material security. Vecellio is particularly interested in issues related to preventing the spread of chemical weapons and related materials. She holds a B.A. in History with summa cum laude honors from Albion College in Albion, Michigan. She also has a M.A. in Non-Proliferation and International Security from King’s College, London.


The ubiquity of radioactive materials in modern society poses serious security risks

Enhancing frontline officers’ chemical trade control compliance by increasing access to information to help identify chemicals of proliferation concern

Preventing the proliferation of dangerous and dual use chemicals with research, resources, and analysis

Keeping the most dangerous weapons out of the worst hands by facilitating assistance partnerships

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Policy Paper
“Well, Somebody Has to Arrange the Matches”

Challenges in the 1540 nonproliferation assistance process result in unmatched formal assistance requests despite hundreds of nonproliferation assistance activities on offer across the globe

Project Note
Briefing on Cheminformatics Prototype Demonstration on February 26, 2021

On February 26, 2021 the Stimson Center and American University unveiled its Cheminformatics database tool and software.

Policy Paper
Missing: Legal Frameworks for Chemical Security

In the aftermath of the widespread use of chemical weapons during the First World War, many countries committed to not use such weapons again in the 1925 Geneva Protocol.United Nations, Office of Disarmament Affairs, Protocol for the Prohibition of the…

Literary inspiration for proliferation prevention

Mary Vecellio is a Research Associate with the Partnerships in Proliferations Prevention program at Stimson. She came to Stimson after pursuing a master’s degree at Kings College, London, inspired by her favorite science fiction series. She hails from …

Policy Paper
Match or Mismatch?: Comparing Formal Requests and Offers for Assistance in Border and Export Controls

Originally published in the Strategic Trade Review Journal Originally published in the Strategic Trade Research Journal Volume 5, Issue 7, Winter 2019.

Catalogue of Civil Society Assistance for BWC States Parties

Highlighting civil society assistance activities to strengthen biological safety and security

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