Eric Lief

Former Senior Advisor

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Eric Lief joined Stimson in March 2008, after two years as a senior associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He had previously served in a variety of US Government and UN capacities, most recently as a senior planning officer in the State Department’s Office of Strategic Planning, from 2003 to 2005. Lief was a senior advisor with the UN Joint Program on HIV/AIDS in Geneva from 2001 to 2003. A specialist in public and international assistance financing, he had earlier served on the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff from 1999-2001.

From 1989 to 1995, Lief worked in a variety of US Congressional staff capacities, lastly with the House Foreign Affairs Committee staff. As a Foreign Service Officer, Lief held positions abroad in Southeast Asia and South America, and in Washington, DC. Prior to his entry into US diplomatic service, he was a scientific attaché with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Lief has a BA from the University of Miami, and an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.


Selected Publications

“Funding Food Security – A Financial Lens on the L’Aquila G8” (Stimson, 2009).

“Financing the Response to AIDS in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries” (UNAIDS/KFF, 2008).

European Philanthropy and HIV/AIDS (European HIV/AIDS Funders Group, 2008).

“Global Health Funding: A Glass Half Full?” (The Lancet, 2006).

Research & Writing

Study Co-Authored by Eric Lief Cited by Desmond Tutu Op-Ed

A Desmond Tutu op-ed cited Financing the Response to AIDS in Low-Income & Middle-Income Countries, a 2010 study co-authored by Stimson Senior Associate Eric Lief and Jen Kates of the Kaiser Family Foundation. The report found that funding has…

Policy Paper
Defining Health Diplomacy: Changing Demands in the Era of Globalization

Stimson’s Global Health Security program, with Rebecca Katz of George Washington University, published a new analysis on Defining Health Diplomacy: Changing Demands in the Era of Globalization in the new issue of the Milbank Quarterly. In this article,…

Financing the response to AIDS in low-income & middle-income countries

The latest analysis of global AIDS assistance financing for 2010 has been released by UNAIDS and the Kaiser Family Foundation. The report finds funding to have fallen in 2010, following a string of double-digit-percentage increases over a dec…

Policy Paper
Donor Funding for Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, 2001-2007

Official Development Assistance (ODA) from OECD-member countries, including the United States, accounts directly or indirectly for most external funding channeled to health in the developing world, and as such constitutes a major component of the globa…

Mapping the United States Government Engagement in Global Public Health

This report represents an effort to map the United States government’s engagement in global health activities as a basis for analysis and to help decision makers understand the scope and organization of programs, policies, authorities, funding and coor…

The US Government’s Global Health Policy Architecture: Structure, Programs, And Funding

Stimson Center Senior Associates Julie Fischer and Eric Lief collaborated in the preparation of a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation providing the first comprehensive look at the US government agencies and programs involved in the nation’s gl…

A Foreign Affairs Budget For the Future: Fixing the Crisis in Diplomatic Readiness

“Our diplomatic leaders – be they in ambassadors’ suites or on the State Department’s seventh floor – must have the resources and political support needed to fully exercise their statutory responsibilities in leading American foreign policy.” – Defense…

European Philanthropy and HIV/AIDS

The Stimson Center, in collaboration with the European HIV/AIDS Funders Group, presents this report on European Philanthropy and HIV/AIDS funding. This analysis of HIV/AIDS spending by European foundations, trusts and charities in 2005/6, draws on…

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