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Jenny Town Quoted in Vox Article about North Korea’s Restored Rocket Site

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Why North Korea’s restored rocket site isn’t cause for worry — yet

North Korea is rebuilding a satellite launch site it promised to entirely dismantle, and may have increased activity at a major missile factory — both actions that are likely meant to be warning signs to the United States and South Korea.

Should these moves be a precursor to even more aggressive actions by Pyongyang, or anger President Donald Trump, then the US and North Korea could end up moving away from diplomacy and back on the path to war.

South Korean intelligence and respected analysts this week revealed commercial satellite imagery that shows that North Koreans have been rebuilding an engine test stand and launch pad at a space launch facility at Sohae since at least February 16, and that it’s likely now back at a normal operating level. That’s a big deal, since Pyongyang promised Seoul last September that it would “permanently dismantle” the site and started to take it down last year.

Read the full article in Vox.

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