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Russell Rumbaugh and John Cappel analysis of DoD sequestration cited in Council on Foreign Relation

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Locking down the facts on the FY15 defense budget-before Congress wades into the fight. Russ Rumbaugh and John Cappell, of the Stimson Center, have released a superb analysis of
the Budget Control Act’s (“sequestration”) real impact on defense
planning through FY21. Among Stimson’s findings: even the lowest
projected budget ($492 billion dollars in FY16) would still fall slightly above the average of all non-war defense budgets since 1951. This would mean 27 percent more funding than in past post-war downturns.  These numbers help contextualize the Pentagon’s own grim assessment released in mid-April. They also bring clarity to the likely contentious budgetary mark up and debate process now unfolding in the House Armed Services Committee.

To read the full page, click here.

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