Arms Trade Treaty Reaches Major Milestone

September 25, 2014

By Rachel Stohl:

The first global and legally binding treaty to regulate the cross-border trade in conventional weapons reached a major milestone today as 8 governments ratified the

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Secretary Clinton Announces Stimson’s Anti-Poaching Commitment

September 24, 2014

Last night at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting, Secretary Hillary Clinton revealed a number of new Commitments to Action. Included in the Commitments to Action is a

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Arab Public Not Taking US Efforts on ISIS Seriously

September 24, 2014

As the United States gears up for possible airstrikes inside Syria, it should remember one thing: No matter how much planning has gone into US military plans to counter the Islamic

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Technology and Innovation to End Poaching and Wildlife Crime

September 22, 2014

Commitment by the Stimson Center: 

In 2014, The Stimson Center, in partnership with local and global partners and the Kenyan government, committed to designing and implementing a

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Indonesia’s Weather Forecast: Hazy, with a Chance of Clear Skies

September 19, 2014

By Di-Hoa Le and Courtney Weatherby: 

Hazardous levels of haze from Indonesian forest fires have become an annual occurrence for neighboring Southeast Asian countries. El Nino weather

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Enhancing environmental security

September 17, 2014

By David Michel: 

Conflict and cooperation over shared environmental resources have characterized human societies from the dawn of civilization — from ancient Mesopotamia, where

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B-2 Pilot’s Lessons For LRSB, America’s New Bomber

September 16, 2014

By Lt. Col. Jeff Schreiner:

The Air Force very quietly released a Request for Proposal (RFP) this summer for the new Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B). With a purported fly away cost of

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Arms Trade Treaty Moves Closer Towards Implementation

September 12, 2014

By Rachel Stohl: 

The first step towards the effective implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) took place this week in Mexico City. Forty five countries around the world

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A message from Stimson Center President and CEO Ellen Laipson

September 11, 2014

A message from Stimson Center President and CEO Ellen Laipson in response to recent news reports about U.S. think tank funding from foreign governments:

In the 21st

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Myanmar’s ASEAN Chairmanship: An Early Assessment

September 10, 2014

Today marks the release of the new issue brief: Myanmar’s ASEAN Chairmanship. The brief is part of Stimson’s “The Great Powers and the Changing Myanmar,” which has produced a series of

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