Cut Pay? Trim COCOMs: How To Act Wisely On Military Pay

January 13, 2015

By Matthew Leatherman:

Imagine a business that’s restructuring costs. The idea is to restrain employee compensation and free up money for operations and investment, thus allowing the

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Cooperation between India and Pakistan after Natural Disasters

January 09, 2015

By Siddharth Ravishankar, former intern for Stimson's South Asia program: 

In September, monsoon rains engulfed India and Pakistan, causing floods that killed hundreds and washed away

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The Silent Treatment in South Asia

January 07, 2015

By Michael Krepon:

Secretary of State John Kerry is headed for the subcontinent, where his most important messages will be delivered in private and his public remarks will be as

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Beyond Boundaries in Brazil: Innovating for Proliferation Prevention

January 05, 2015

Co-written by Managing Director Brian Finlay, Senior Advisor Johanna Mendelson Forman, and Scoville Fellow James McKeon,the newest report from the Stimson Center’s Managing Across

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Ambassador Ryan Crocker, engaging the Middle East

December 31, 2014

Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker, Dean of the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, joined Stimson Chairman Ambassador Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr. to discuss

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UN Resolution 1325: Where are the Women?

December 29, 2014

By Sarah Bosha: 

“We can no longer afford to minimize or ignore the contributions of women and girls to all stages of conflict resolution, peace-making, peace-building, peacekeeping

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Secretary Robert Gates’ Remarks for the Stimson Center’s 25th Anniversary

December 24, 2014

On the Occasion of Stimson’s 25th Anniversary and in Tribute to Dr. Ash Carter:

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates,

“Dr. Ash Carter has dedicated his career to making the world a

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US Must Take Lead in Tackling Arms Trade

December 23, 2014

By Rachel Stohl: 

ISIS, al Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction -- it's easy to understand why these threats to global stability consistently make the headlines. But it doesn't take a

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UN Ebola Intervention: A New Beginning for International Emergency Response

December 23, 2014

By Dmitry Borisov: 

On December 19th, on his first tour of the Ebola-hit West African countries, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that the ongoing U.N. mission to counter the

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Making Public-Private Security Cooperation More Efficient, Effective and Sustainable

December 22, 2014


In May 2014, Stimson’s Partners in Prevention Task Force endorsed seven proposals to close security gaps in global trade by better leveraging market incentives. Directed mainly at US

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