Safeguarding the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Examining the Resiliency of Nuclear Safeguards
Examining the resiliency of the verification system that underpins the nuclear non-proliferation regime, specifically how emerging facilities, coupled with emerging technologies, challenge and/or enhance the management of safeguards.
In Safeguarding the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
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The global nuclear nonproliferation regime is underpinned by a system of safeguards – a system that must keep pace with new approaches to technology. A wide range of stakeholders, from industry and government regulators to the general public, have an interest in protecting and improving the way we safeguard the nuclear fuel cycle. That is why we test technology for its potential to strengthen safeguards, visit facilities to better understand technology and how safeguards information is managed, examine new technologies’ impact on legal obligations, and consider changes to existing safeguards measures. The project is particularly focused on how advances in technology impact the resiliency of the non-proliferation regime.

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