What is the status of spent nuclear fuel globally?

Join us for a briefing on our new “Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Mapping” tool and learn how it can inform safeguards implementation of permanent SNF disposal deep underground.

400,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel is stored at hundreds of sites across dozens of countries. Given its radioactive properties, spent fuel must be stored and protected for thousands of years. Deep underground storage will help centralize stockpiles, and some are being planned, but the challenge of safeguarding these new types of nuclear facilities will require careful planning and new technology.

This new tool informs the need for countries to make decisions on SNF storage and final disposal by tracking the change of SNF over time and providing snapshots of the current status of SNF distribution at nuclear facilities across 17 countries. 


  • Cindy Vestergaard (moderator), Director, Nuclear Safeguards and Blockchain in Practice Programs, Stimson Center
  • Trinh Le, Research Analyst, Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Security Programs, Stimson Center
  • Rowen Price, Junior Fellow, Nuclear Safeguards Program, Stimson Center
  • Bruce Moran, Independent Consultant
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