Bringing the Back-End to the Forefront: Looking Ahead to the Future Nuclear Fleet

Join Stimson’s Nuclear Safeguards Program for a presentation of its latest working paper exploring how emerging or “advanced” reactors will differ from the current fleet in spent fuel disposal, processing, and nuclear safeguards.

In this webinar, Rowen Price introduces her findings and, in discussion with James Casterton and Andrew Worrall, examines how these reactors will disrupt conventional spent fuel management and international safeguards.

Read the working paper by Rowen Price, “Bringing the Back-End to the Forefront: Spent Fuel Management and Safeguards Considerations for Emerging Reactors”

Featured Speakers:

  • Rowen Price, Research Assistant, Nuclear Safeguards Program and Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program, Stimson Center
  • James Casterton, Nonresident Fellow, Nuclear Safeguards Program, Stimson Center
  • Andrew Worrall, Deputy Director, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear and Section Head, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Dr. Cindy Vestergaard, Senior Fellow and Director, Nuclear Safeguards Program and Blockchain in Practice Program, Stimson Center (Moderator)
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