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DLT and International Security Regimes

Applied research on distributed ledger technology to improve trust, security, and transparency
In DLT and International Security Regimes
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Distributed ledger technology offers a novel technological solution for data verification and has the potential to build a “trust machine” among parties normally suspicious of one another. This project is spearheading applied research to identify ways the technology can benefit WMD nonproliferation and international security – a first in the field. Potential outcomes for the application of DLT to international security regimes could be significant for improving the timeliness for detecting diversion, unauthorized access, loss or theft of dual-use materials and technology.

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Better Than a Floppy: The Potential of Distributed Ledger Technology for Nuclear Safeguards Information

This policy analysis brief provides an overview of DLT and explores its utility for safeguards information management. It considers the landscape of factors determining how safeguards data is inputted, processed, and accessed. The findings and recommendations suggest where adding a DLT layer could be applied to provide greater efficiency, data reconciliation, accuracy, and trust in information management at the international, national, and facility levels.