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Part of the East Asia program, the Stimson Center’s China program examines the political, security, and economic challenges that face the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan. Additionally, the China program assesses cross-Strait relations and the United States' impact and role, as well as China’s relations with the neighboring region and developing countries.


Research and Analysis

July 25, 2017

As China’s economic and military clout grows, it seeks power and respect.

July 14, 2017 | EXPERT: Amanda Shaver , EXPERT: Yun Sun

Beijing’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) have released a comprehensive plan for maritime economic development and cooperation across the globe.

July 6, 2017 | EXPERT: Yun Sun

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow only a day before North Korea test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. CCTV's "The Heat" interviewed Yun Sun about China's approach to North Korea after the escalation of tensions, the strengthening alignmen

June 12, 2017 | EXPERT: Yun Sun

U.S. policymakers seeking an end to North Korea’s nuclear program often point to Beijing’s leverage over Pyongyang as the key to securing a binding disarmament agreement and peace on the Korean peninsula.

June 8, 2017 | EXPERT: Yun Sun

China has financed and built a multi-billion dollar railway between Nairobi and Mombasa. CCTV's "The Heat" interviewed Yun Sun on the railway project and China's investment in Africa.

May 31, 2017 | EXPERT: Yun Sun

Although information on the exact technical specifications of the North Korea nuclear programs remains scarce, insufficient and in-definitive, the prevailing perception is that many, if not most of these programs are located close to the Chinese border.
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