China’s Role in Conflict Mediation

Deepening understanding of China’s participation in international conflict mediation and its impact
In China’s Role in Conflict Mediation
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Stimson’s China Program is conducting an ongoing research and dialogue project that examines China’s emerging role in conflict mediation globally. The project explores China’s foray into conflict mediation during a period of evolution in China’s multidimensional role on the international stage and engages critical Chinese actors on potential cooperation in conflict mediation in Myanmar, Afghanistan/Pakistan, India/Pakistan, the Korean peninsula, Africa, and the Middle East.

Included in the project’s first compilation of works are thorough analysis of how great powers engage in mediation, commentary on how China’s policies fit within its decades-old non-interference policy, an investigation into Beijing’s mediatory role between India and Pakistan, and detailed best practices for military ceasefire monitoring.

In Focus
Civil-Military Relations in Myanmar

The “Civil-Military Relations in Myanmar” series seeks to analyze the complex relationship between the civilian and military sides of the Burmese government and the implications for the country’s future peace and development. Since the founding of the country, the Burmese military, or Tatmadaw, has held a unique and privileged status across institutions of power. And despite movement toward democracy in the past decade, the relationship between the civilian and military sides remains deeply unsettled. This contest for power and the political, security, and constitutional crises it creates have had far-reaching effects on Myanmar’s political processes, its ongoing civil war, the Rohingya crisis, and regional peace and stability—a reality most recently and poignantly seen in the 2021 coup d’état staged by the Tatmadaw against the civilian government. The series brings together the expertise of leading experts on Myanmar, Southeast Asia, democratization, and policy to uncover the complex dynamics between the two sides. The series provides key insights and recommendations for disentangling the contentious relationship and charting a path forward for relevant stakeholders in Myanmar.

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