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How China interacts with the international community will help define the 21st century’s political, economic, military, and governance norms worldwide. The intersection of China’s growing ambition for global influence and existing U.S. overseas engagement is where the two countries are forced to contend with how their national interests, goals, and worldviews converge and diverge. The Chinese Foreign Policy project assesses China’s strategic intentions and foreign policy behaviors to reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding, misperception, and miscalculation. By furthering dialogue among regional actors, we work to expand interaction between the Chinese foreign policy community and their counterparts in other countries, aiming for a nuanced and realistic understanding of Chinese strategic intentions valuable for policymakers, practitioners, and experts.

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Managing the Fallout of the US-China Trade War

While President Trump's team may still believe that a trade deal is well within reach in the near future, that perception is not at all shared by the Chinese government. The U.S. and China have entered a war of attrition. The U.S. policy­ makers need to prepare for a long game in the trade tension and the eventual de-coupling of the two economies, regardless of whether that was the original intention.
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