38 North Program

Cultivating informed public policy debate about North Korea

Stimson’s 38 North program cultivates informed public policy debate about North Korea. North Korea is often misunderstood, even as the challenges it poses to international peace and security take on enormous geopolitical importance. Understanding its self-perception and motivations is critical if policymakers are to craft effective strategies and policies and avoid the high costs of miscalculation. The program emphasizes hands-on experience and expertise with the authoritative 38North.org web journal, in-depth research on issues central North Korean strategic thinking, and informal diplomatic engagement.

Informed Analysis of North Korea: 38 North provides high-quality research, analysis and commentary on a broad range of topics related to North Korea
DPRK Digital Atlas
A comprehensive geospatial dataset based on open source data of North Korea's political, economic, cultural and security infrastructures
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38 North: News and Analysis on North Korea
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