Trinh Le

Research Analyst

Nuclear Safeguards, Nuclear Security

Trinh Le is a Research Analyst with the Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Security Programs at the Stimson Center. Her current research focuses on spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste disposal at deep geological repositories, emerging technologies, and nuclear security governance and security culture best practices at research and test reactors.

Le achieved her Ph.D. in high-energy physics at the University of Virginia, USA, where she carried out theoretical studies to better understand energy levels of nuclear processes. She also worked closely with experimentalists to exchange and test ideas on where to seek a new energy spectrum of a particular nuclear process in the research site.


Examining the resiliency of the verification system that underpins the nuclear non-proliferation regime, specifically how emerging facilities, coupled with emerging technologies, challenge and/or enhance the management of safeguards.

Building tools for nuclear facilities to cultivate and maintain strong security norms

The international obligations that accompany the global production, trade, and protection of uranium

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