Sunaina Danziger

Research Assistant and Deputy Editor of South Asian Voices

South Asia

Sunaina Danziger is a Research Assistant with the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center, as well as the Deputy Editor for South Asian Voices. She graduated cum laude in History from Harvard College, with a secondary field in Spanish. Her senior thesis—awarded highest honors, the Philip Washburn Prize for best thesis on a historical subject, and the Thomas T. Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate scholarly work— explored how US Intelligence recruitment of former Nazi scientific, military, and intelligence personnel aided the rhetorical and ideological construction of the “West” between 1945 and 1949. Her research interests center on the interplay of political rhetoric, national discourse, and historical memory in trans-border conflict, and she is generally interested in how competing nationalisms affect regional security issues in South Asia. Previously, she conducted research on U.S. foreign policy and the Syrian Civil War and interned at the House of Commons in London. She is fluent in Spanish and has intermediate proficiency in Hindi.


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Dividing Lines: What India’s Hindu Nationalist Turn Portends For Relations With Pakistan

This article was originally published in South Asian Voices.

Policy Paper
From Kargil to Balakot: Southern Asian Crisis Dynamics and Future Trajectories

Two decade review: South Asia crises will likely escalate further & faster as escalation pressure and crisis management challenges grow

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