Alan Cooper

Nonresident Fellow

Alan Cooper is a Nonresident Fellow at the Henry L. Stimson Center supporting data collection, analysis and visualization on behalf of the Loomis Innovation Council. 

Alan is a computer scientist whose career started as a developer of electronic computer aided design, manufacture and test software on behalf of the United States Navy (Aegis) and NASA (Galileo space probe) and later CPU design automation for Intel and Motorola. He then embraced software automation technologies that instrumented developer’s applications to improve overall code quality, reliability and performance. At the time, our products were the revenue leaders in seven of eight offerings. Alan was invited to join Unwired Planet, the company who invented the mobile internet. At its height, 70% of the world’s mobile internet traffic went through our servers and’s browser firmware was installed in one billion handsets by 2002. He worked at a variety of Machine Learning startups one for Asthma Patients and the other to deliver actionable insights derived from consumer thoughts, feelings, and product uses from across the web and around the world for brand marketing. 

Alan’s family, as many others, has a special needs student who has received tremendous support from the local school district and therapeutic professionals. In order to give back to their community, he became Microsoft TEALSK12 certified and volunteered as a co-instructor at the local elementary school teaching typing, introduction to computer programming and Lego Robotics to special needs students. He continues to co-teach or tutor high school students in AP computer science and FIRST Robotics Competitions as a volunteer mentor.

Alan holds a BA in Computer Information and Science from Temple University. Post graduate work continued part time at Temple and Santa Clara Universities.

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