Rita Grossman-Vermaas

Senior Associate and Director of the Center for the Study of Threat Convergence at The Fund for Peace

This is the profile of a former staff member, affiliate, intern, or guest author. Biographical information is not maintained and may be out of date.
Research & Writing

Regulating High Consequence Pathogens and Toxins: Upgrading the Drug Coding System

In addition to the ineffective oversight of bulk biological agents and inadequate drug tracking in the us, the current drug coding system used for certain pharmaceuticals creates opacity at the point of use that could be detrimental to national securit…

National Security Implications Related to the Personal Importation of Prescription Drugs

Given the extraordinary cost of prescription drugs in the US relative to other countries, the number of ordinary citizens seeking lower-cost medicines in Canada and elsewhere has skyrocketed. After years of bills being introduced in Congress to ease re…

Policy Paper
Follow-on Biologics

As the biopharmaceutical industry expands to include a follow-on market, careful attention should be paid to ensure that new companies that handle select agents, and produce select agent derived products, are required to come under strict standards of…

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