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Research & Writing

Iraq’s New Reality: The Impact of Conflict on Minorities, Refugees, and the Internally Displaced

Several years of war, internal violence, and unrest have taken a severe toll on the Iraqi population.  As US troops withdraw and Iraq begins the next chapter in its history, it is important to consider the status of the country’s most vulnerable popul…

Iraq’s New Reality: Ensuring Security and Setting the National Security Agenda

The second report in the Stimson-CIGI series Iraq’s New Reality examines security conditions in and regional perceptions of Iraq today, enduring security issues, national reconciliation and the future of the US presence. It also explores the evolving n…

Iraq’s New Reality: The Politics of Governance and Federalism

Iraq is a society in transition, grappling with the universal challenges of establishing forms of governance and allocating power within the institution of the state.  It is nearly seven years since the US invasion of Iraq, and vigorous debates about…

Iraq’s New Reality: Finding its Role in the Middle East

At this critical juncture in Iraq’s history, the Stimson Center and the Centre for International Governance Innovation are partnering to explore the linkages between Iraqi reconstruction, security and a political process of national reconciliation invo…

Gulf-US Relations in 2008: A Year of Transition

This book chapter appeared in the Gulf Yearbook 2008-2009, published by the Gulf Research Center.  The year 2008 turned out to be one of relative stability in the Gulf. During its last year in power, the Bush administration focused on stabilizing…

Policy Paper
Export Controls in the United Arab Emirates: A Practical Manifestation of a Strategic Dilemma

On January 15, 2009, the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement, known as the “U.S.-UAE 123 Agreement.” The accord is intended to enable the UAE to possess a peaceful nuclear energy capacity whi…

Towards a More Secure and Stable Lebanon: Prospects for Security Sector Reform

On December 13, 2007, the Stimson Center’s Southwest Asia/Gulf Project organized the seminar Towards a More Secure and Stable Lebanon: Prospects for Security Sector Reform. The seminar brought together Lebanese, US, European and UN government and non-g…

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