What Awaits the U.S.-Japan Alliance under New Leadership?

Join us for the 7th Voices from Japan: National Security Speaker Series, reimagined for the era of COVID-19, with the Honorable Nobukatsu Kanehara, former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary. Japan will meet the next U.S. administration in January 2021, placing Japan’s defense policy in the context of new alliance leadership and raising new possibilities for bilateral and regional cooperation. How will Japan meet its own security challenges with the potential changes in U.S.-China relations and the U.S.’s broader engagement in the Indo-Pacific?


Nobukatsu Kanehara, Professor, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science, Doshisha University

Nobukatsu Kanehara is a former senior diplomat of Japan. He was Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary in the second Abe administration from 2012 to 2019, as well as the first deputy secretary-general of the National Security Secretariat from 2013 to 2019. He is the author of two books on Japanese national strategy and foreign policy.

Ellen Laipson, Distinguished Fellow and President Emeritus, The Stimson Center

Ellen Laipson joined Stimson in 2002, after serving as Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council (1997-2002). She was a member of President Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board (2009-2013), and on the Secretary of State’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board (2011-2014). She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the International Advisory Council of the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

Yuki Tatsumi, Co-Director, East Asia Program; Director, Japan Program, Stimson

Yuki Tatsumi is a Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the East Asia Program and Director of the Japan Program at the Stimson Center. Her expertise is in Japanese foreign and national security policy, the U.S.-Japan alliance, and U.S. national security and defense policy towards Asia.

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