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Unfinished Business: NATO’s Protection of Civilians Policy and the Way Forward

Since adopting its landmark Policy on the Protection of Civilians in 2016, NATO has made meaningful progress toward its implementation. Yet significant work remains as the Alliance faces new challenges and considers its future. 2021 is a crucial year of opportunities, including the Policy’s five-year anniversary, the NATO2030 initiative, and the upcoming Summit. What were the original ambitions, have they been met and how does this link to NATO’s future?

Join us as we launch our research report Origins, Progress, and Unfinished Business: NATO’s Protection of Civilians Policy,” and present findings and recommendations from our December 2020 Expert Workshops. A discussion with question-and-answer session will follow.

Featured Speakers

Katie Dock, author of and presenting research and recommendations from the new report “Unfinished Business: NATO’s Protection of Civilians Policy and the Way Forward”

Katie Dock is a Research Assistant with the Transforming Conflict & Governance and Protecting Civilians in Conflict teams at Stimson. Her research focuses primarily on the protection of civilians, NATO, and atrocity prevention. Previously, Katie was a Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow with Stimson.

Marla Keenan, presenting findings and recommendations from the December 2020 Conference “NATO & the Protection of Civilians: Toward Implementation.”

Marla B. Keenan is a nonresident fellow at the Stimson Center. Her areas of expertise focus on issues relating to international security, including human rights in armed conflict, protection of civilians, civilian harm tracking and analysis, and civil-military relations in armed conflict. Marla is also an International Security Program Senior Fellow at New America, working to strengthen partnerships between NGOs and academic institutions on applied research in armed conflict.


Victoria K. Holt, Vice President, Project Lead, Strengthening NATO’s Ability to Protect

Victoria K. Holt is a Vice President at the Henry L. Stimson Center. Her expertise includes international security, protection of civilians and multilateral tools. Holt previously served as U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs (2009 – 2017).

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