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Transparency in the Arms Trade: Examining the Role and Efforts of the Arms Trade Treaty

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) represents a landmark agreement that aims to advance transparency and responsibility in the global arms trade. Now in its sixth year of implementation, the treaty has established several mechanisms for strengthening transparency. But are States Parties to the ATT living up to their transparency commitments?

Join the Stimson Center and the ATT Monitor for a discussion about the current status of transparency within the context of the ATT and efforts to improve public understanding and awareness of the conventional arms trade. The event will feature insights from the 2021 ATT Monitor Annual Report and will launch a new Stimson analysis reflecting on countries’ latest annual reports on their 2020 arms exports and imports.

Opening Remarks

Rainer Schmiedchen, German Federal Foreign Office

Ambassador Robbert Gabriëlse, Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the Conference on Disarmament


Rachel Stohl, Stimson Center

Carina Solmirano, ATT Monitor

Additional speakers to be confirmed.

Moderated By

Verity Coyle, Stimson Center

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