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Cyber Sanctions: Assessing Trends and Effectiveness

Join the Washington Foreign Law Society and the Stimson Center in this third in a series of discussions dissecting cyber issues as they relate to current and potential legal accountability: Cyber Accountability – Who did it? Is it wrong? Can they be stopped?

Cyber espionage, sabotage and cyber crime are on the rise. State-sponsored operations are increasing too; however, accountability is difficult because of anonymity in cyberspace and political sensitivities with attribution. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that caused fuel shortages in parts of the US is only the most recent example. What’s to be done to curb attackers? How effective have targeted sanctions been and what else can be done? In 2019, the EU developed a cyber diplomacy toolbox – is it working and what can countries learn from this effort?

Featured Speakers

Bruce McConnell, Stimson Center Board of Directors

Ambassador Timo S. Koster, formerly a career diplomat at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director for Defence Policy and Capabilities at NATO

Dr. Erica Moret, a leading expert on sanctions, global security and humanitarian affairs and Senior Researcher at the Global Governance Centre, Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)

Moderated By

Kathryn Rauhut, Nonresident Fellow, Stimson Center

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