Transforming Conflict & Governance Program

Examining how international conflict management and support for good governance can create sustainable peace in areas plagued by violence

The challenges of the twenty-first century are increasingly global yet intensely local. Some, like the struggles for peace and human rights, spilled into the new millennium while others, like climate and the cyber economy, pose rising challenges that states alone cannot solve and current global institutions cannot readily manage. The Transforming Conflict and Governance Program looks for a better way forward to address these challenges.

Powering Peace
Exploring how UN field missions can use renewable energy to improve effectiveness, save money, enhance security, and increase access to energy while mitigating climate change
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Rule of Law
Supporting U.N. efforts to rebuild police, courts, and correctional institutions in conflict affected states
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The New Majority
Policy recommendations for the U.S. and other wealthy countries in their relations with Middle Income Countries
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