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What Lies Ahead in Afghanistan?

The Taliban’s rapid return to power in Afghanistan upended life for millions in the country and caught the U.S. and its allies off-guard. To reflect on recent developments and their impact on U.S. interests and objectives in Afghanistan and the wider region, the Stimson Center’s Security for a New Century (SNC) program hosted a panel of experts. The webinar was a closed-door program for Congressional staffers, conducted under the Chatham House Rule. Discussion focused on what we can expect going forward on issues including politics, diplomacy, security, counterterrorism, and humanitarian assistance.


  • Asfandyar Mir, Senior Expert, Asia Center, USIP
  • Elizabeth Threlkeld, Senior Fellow and Director, South Asia Program, Stimson Center


  • Akriti Vasudeva, Research Analyst, South Asia Program, Stimson Center
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