Marla Keenan

Nonresident Fellow

Transforming Conflict & Governance

Marla Keenan is an International Security Program Fellow at New America and is the founder and managing partner of Marla Keenan Consulting LLC. She works with organizations to develop innovative programming on the human experience in conflict and civilian protection.

Before founding MKC, Marla was senior director of programs at Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), a Washington, DC-based NGO focused on the protection of civilians. Marla is a subject matter expert in civil-military relations, civilian protection, and casualty tracking, analysis and response and has conducted high-level advocacy with international and regional organizations including the United Nations, African Union, and NATO. She led the design, management, and successful implementation of outcome-focused field programs in more than a dozen active conflict zones. Marla recruited, trained, mentored, and led a cross-organizational program team, bringing evidence and analysis to DoD, State, Congress, and the Executive to shape protection policies.

Before joining CIVIC, Marla was an Edward Rawson Fellow in Communications at Citizens for Global Solutions, working in US global engagement. She began her career as a management consultant working with for-profit companies on financial budgeting and forecasting, communications, and marketing.

Marla holds a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management with a double concentration in policy analysis and international policy from the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy & Management at Carnegie Mellon University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Arizona. Marla is also a National Security Fellow at the Truman National Security Project and lives in Austin, TX with her partner and their daughter.


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