Jacqueline Kempfer

Former Research Associate

This is the profile of a former staff member, affiliate, intern, or guest author. Biographical information is not maintained and may be out of date.

Jackie Kempfer was formerly a Research Associate with the Nuclear Security program at the Stimson Center. She holds a Masters of International Studies from North Carolina State University, where she concentrated on nuclear security and nonproliferation. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from East Carolina University. Prior to joining Stimson as a staff member she completed an internship with the Stimson Center’s WMD, Nonproliferation, and Security program.

To learn more about Jackie’s background, read her “My Story.

Research & Writing

Lifting The Lid on Nuclear Liability: The Perspectives from the Judicial Bench

  The Stimson Center, World Institute for Nuclear Security, and 39 Essex – UK explore ways nuclear industry actors can demonstrate ‘Duty of Care’ to prevent security incidents, and how this could affect nuclear liability determinations. Read the c…

The Fact of the Matter: North Korea’s ICBM Test Does Not Represent a ‘Dangerous Escalation’

Editor’s Note: The Fact of the Matter is an ongoing series that highlights — and corrects — common misconceptions in conventional wisdom. Contributions to this series are from experts at the nonpartisan Stimson Center. By Jacqueline Kempfer The Common…

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