Claude Williams


Claude Williams is a retired climate scientist with 37 years experience from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). His work at the NCEI involved de-biasing and calibrating surface station temperature data from around the world as a basic input to the NOAA Global Surface Temperature Series. Williams has written or co-authored over 20 scientific publications and has been a reviewer for the AMS Journal of Climate for many years.

Williams’ microwave work began in school at the Georgia Tech Engineering Experiment Station, studying radar returns for the Navy. Upon graduation, he was employed at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory as the liaison to visiting scientists on the computer processing capabilities of the NRAO Microwave Interferometer. In 1996 at the NCEI, Williams and Alan Basist began work with the Basist Wetness Index generated from the DMSP SSMI microwave data. Together, they wrote several publications until Basist left to form his own company in 2003. Williams started Global Environmental Satellite Applications and they continued to work together with various clients. Currently, Williams and Basist head a joint venture to employ their expertise where possible around the globe.

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