James Borton

Former Nonresident Fellow

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James Borton is a Nonresident Fellow with Stimson’s Southeast Asia program. Borton is a veteran editor and writer with over 25 years experience in Southeast Asia. He was an Asia Pacific correspondent for The Washington Times and still contributes op-eds and special reports from the region. He is the author of Venture Japan (Probus 1992) and has edited two books, The South China Sea: Challenges and Promises (2015) and Islands and Rocks in the South China Sea: Post Hague Ruling (2017). In addition, he successfully edited two journals, Venture Japan and New Asia Review (Greenwood/Praeger).

As an ocean steward, he has reported widely for The Washington Times, Geopolitical Monitor, Asia Times, Asia Sentinel, The Diplomat, International Policy Digest, and Project Syndicate about environmental security issues in the South China Sea and in the Lower Mekong Delta.

He’s a faculty associate at the Walker Institute at the University of South Carolina, where he embraces an interdisciplinary approach to teaching writing and critical thinking about globalization and environmental issues.

Borton holds both a B.A and a M.A with honors in English and American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland and has been a former National Endowment Humanities Fellow at Yale University. He has also been an active member of the President’s Circle of The Asia Society in New York City and the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong and Phnom Penh. He is a National Fellow in The Explorers Club, an American-based international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research. 

Research & Writing

Is EU ‘ Carding Forcing Vietnam to Address Illegal Fishing?

By James Borton and Nguyen Chu Hoi The threat of a bad report card from the European Union has alarmed the more than 30,000 Vietnamese commercial traditional trawlers considered at risk of being deemed uncooperative in the fight against illegal, u…

Can ‘Citizen Science’ Save Vietnam’s Environment From Unchecked Economic Growth?

By James Borton In early April 2016, fishermen in Vietnam began noticing something alarming: Dead fish were washing up on the shores of several provinces. Days turned into weeks, and the dead tuna and mackerel kept coming, joined by clams and even one…

Stimson in the News
James Borton Op-Ed on Trump-China Tariffs

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Stimson in the News
James Borton Op-Ed on Clean Energy

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Science Diplomacy and Dispute Management in the South China Sea

Protecting marine environments and ensuring the ocean’s sustainability is a global issue, and nowhere is this more important right now than in the South China Sea, a body of water offering abundant and complex marine ecosystems. However, because of dis…

Stimson in the News
James Borton Op-Ed on Science Diplomacy and the South China Sea

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Stimson Welcomes New Nonresident Fellows: James Borton and Mallory Stewart

The Stimson Center announced today the appointment of its newest class of Nonresident Fellows: James Borton and Mallory Stewart. “I am delighted to welcome our newest class of fellows to Stimson,” said Stimson President and CEO Brian Finlay. “James Bor…

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